5. Your definition of love.

Kärlek. Jag tänker beskriva den på det enda sätt som är möjligt.
Om kärleken ska vara något att ha ska den vara en blandning mellan The Lovecats (hand in hand is the only way to land, always the right way round), The Caterpillar (dust my lemon lies with powder pink and sweets), Birdmad girl (this girl has got a smile, that can make me cry), The perfect girl (I think I'm falling, I think I'm falling in, I think I'm falling in love with you, with you), Catch (and sometimes we would spend the night, just rolling about on the floor), A letter to Elise (from me and you, there're worlds to part with aching looks and breaking hearts), There is no if (if you die, you said, so do I, you said), Just like heaven (you, soft and only, you, lost and lonely), M (twist and turn, but you're trapped in the light, all the directions were wrong) och High (and when I see you kitten as a cat, yeah as smitten as that, I can't get that small, the way you fur, the how you purr, it makes me want to paw you all).

Okej, det där blev långt och ingen kommer att orka läsa det, men så är det ungefär.
Eller bara som två katter i en mörk gränd med någon som spelar Lovecats-slingan på kontrabas runt hörnet. Det räcker kanske egentligen.


så himla fint.

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